Crystal Duran was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She is an Instructor, Choreographer, and Dancer from diverse dance styles such as Salsa, Bachata, Hip-hop, Ballroom and many more. She received her Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology-Dance at California State University of Northridge. She has had the opportunity to work on various shows such as Telemundo, Funny or Die, The Revolution Evolution Show, Kinesis, J.U.I.C.E., Los Angeles Bachata Festival, Albuquerque and Seattle's Salsa Congress. She recently choreographed for Shemar Moore on the Bounce Back. Crystal is owner of CrystalArts Dance Academy where she aspires everyone to not only master creative movement, but to dance for a purpose and with each person's highest level of excellence!


Lorenzo “Zagga Zo” Hanna is now internationally known, but was first introduced to dance at a young age at social gatherings with his family. While growing up in South Florida, Lorenzo embraced his Caribbean roots while performing and competing inside of dancehall clubs and parties for many years.

After winning several dancehall competitions and dancing next to some of the best dancehall dancers from Jamaica and South Florida, Lorenzo decided to take his love for dance to the next level by moving to Los Angeles, California to pursue his dreams. Lorenzo is currently part-owner of an internationally known Afro-Caribbean company and dance style calledDancehall Funk.

Credits: American Airlines, America’s Got Talent, Reebok, Redbull, Shaggy, Chris Brown, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Kevin Lyttle, Flo Rida, Sean Kingston, Nicki Minaj, French Montana, Bruno Mars, and many more.







 lily j. Molina was born in Toronto, Canada and raised in south Florida where she discovered her passion as a dancer, performer, and choreographer. she moved to los Angeles, California to pursue her career as an artist. she had the privilege to dance for variety of artists such as Enrique Iglesias & pit bull, JAson Derulo, Justin Timberlake, logic, Jordan sparks, lil mama, lmfao and many more. She has also been featured as a dancer in Apple, target, Samsung and boss audio commercials. Lily j was alos the creative director for Telemundo network. This has allowed her to work with many Latin artist. Being versatile she's been able to hit the urban genre choreographing for el debarge's summer tour, and a contemporary feel with such artist as Dan + Shay. She's had the privilege of choreographing a commercial for PlayStation, The walking dead. Lily J is currently represented by mta dance agency in los Angeles, ca. she is a versatile freestyle dancer performer & choreographer/creative director that aims to inspire other through her passion for creative movement.


Jessica Sanmarti graduated with two Bachelor of Fine Arts Degrees in Dance Choreography and Performance with an emphasis in Business Management from the University of California, Irvine. Native to Los Angeles and of Peruvian descent, she has been dancing since the age of 14 and has participated in intensives led by companies including Complexions and Alvin Ailey. Her performance experience includes works by FUSE Dance Company’s Joshua Romero, JazzXchange, The Hubbard Collective, Laurie Muniz-Jaimez’s Contemporary Arte Movement, Diavolo, Millicent Johnnie, Christian Vincent, Christine Gerena, and Dante Puleio. She is also currently dancing with Maura Townsend’s Project21Dance. Jessica’s choreographic works have been featured in the SoCal Dance & Choreography Festival at The Downey Theater, Project21Dance’s “Implosion” at Highways Performance Space, and at the Claire Trevor Theater in Irvine, California. As a dancer, she has strived to perfect every technicality to the best of her ability. As a choreographer, her aim is to create work that connects the audience with the dancers. While Jessica specializes in modern and jazz, she has trained in many other dance styles including ballet, contemporary, african, and salsa.






Darius Frye, aka Dario B Freeze, has been dancing since the age of 8 and has been apart of the competition community for 13 years. His first style was popping. Since then he has become proficient in locking, Krump and hip-hop choreography. He began choreographing and teaching at age 14 for his family’s dance company “Small Frye Dance academy”. Once he moved to Los Angeles in 2008, he trained under B-Boy Machine on his company “Westbound”, a freestyle based company for hire. He competed with USA Champions, “Academy of Swag” and well as “Theorist” before beginning his own crew, “The Origin”. The Origin has grown into a larger company with 5 award winning competition teams called “OrigiNation”. This includes the current title of USA Bronze Medalist of 2018.




Kosar Abbasi is an internationally renowned dancer and choreographer, who expresses inner revelations through her performance art. Her signature expression derives from a powerful life journey combined with various rhythms and global dance techniques. She channels the raw elements and emotion of crashing waves, flowing rivers, crackling flames, roots digging into the earth and dancing wind through her body.

Kosar was born in 1984 and raised in Southern Iran. She struggled to express her dreams in the religious atmosphere of Iran, post revolution. At nineteen years of age she packed up and moved to India where she thrived in an environment that welcomed her burning desires to dance free. There, she studied at Pune University, graduating with a Bachelor degree in Ayurveda, while simultaneously earning the title of Scholar in Indian, Middle Eastern and Latin dance. Soon thereafter she began to choreograph and direct numerous theatrical dances, celebrating the physical expression of freedom and thrilling the audiences with her unique fusion style in over a hundred stage performances.

After living, thriving and performing on center stage for seven years in India, Kosar followed her calling to Malaysia for three years, where she joined several dance companies to perform Iranian, Malaysian and Japanese dances. She also expanded her versatile talents by acting in the movie production of Tamil. It was then that external variables once again attempted to oppress the expression of a powerful Persian woman. She barely escaped deportation back to Iran. Kosar’s sheer determination, resilience and perseverance guided her across the oceans. With refugee status, the United Nations sent her to the United States to live without restraint, free to continue sharing her art on a global scale.

After becoming a resident of SoUthern California, Kosar joined Fusion art, quickly becoming the Performing Arts Director of this art collective Organization. As a Fusion artist, Ms. Abbasi now joyously and freely performs, choreographs and teaches Fusion art as a concept that is focused on bridging differences and celebrating the freedom of the individual and collective voice alike. Kosar Abbasi is an genuine ambassador for the freedom of expression and a radiant reminder to never take freedom for granted and always pursue your dreams in the face of any and all adversity!




Nazanin Badiei was born and raised in Iran, started learning Classical Persian dance at the tender age of seven. She continued learning various Persian and Folklore dances, such as the Azari, Bojnordi, Kordi and Ghasem Abadi. Later on fascinated by Western Classical music, she began learning original Classical Ballet at her thirteen. She gradually grew in popularity after becoming a member of a renowned group of Persian dancers. During the 1990's, she had over 20 performances in the most famous hall in Iran. In her mid twenties, she came up with the idea of fusing classical ballet with Persian dance. As a result, she started choreographing her own pieces and performing them in many occasions.

After she moved to Los Angeles, she decided to further her formal education of Dance Choreography; therefore she began studying at Santa Monica College.

She has been a professional Persian dance teacher for over ten years. She has been teaching both traditional and social Persian dancing to all age groups. Being a professional dancer as well as a teacher has been an incredibly rewarding experience for her. "I share my passion with every one of my dancers; I show them not only how to move, but how to connect with the music and the culture. I am able to have fun with all of my students and teach them accordingly to how they learn best. I teach to not only share my passion of dance and culture with others, but to motivate and inspire them in and out of the dance studio.", she says. Along the way, she’s gathered some of the most talented and passionate people with strong backgrounds in dance to form the Baran, an exclusive, professional dance group. This group mainly performs with well-known Persian musicians in their concerts.